Wishing everyone a wonderful and productive Wednesday a.k.a Hump Day. “Dreams do come true, with a hard work, determination, and faith; we believe that anyone’s dreams can come true.

Okay, you guys! Take a deep breathe! It’s Hump Day and the week is half over.

We are so excited our nonprofit to be finalized and move on to our to next chapter of Utah Girls Love You and we are so thankful for all the donations, that we have been receiving lately and we are gathering, organizing and giving, as fast as our small teams can go. So, I wanted to give thank to you all that has supported U.G.L.Y.’s Helping Hands and Single Mommy’s Project.

We are so excited about to share the opening of our Thrift shop in downtown Pleasant Grove, summer of 2016.

Remember, we can never be too sure, as to others are feelings or the obstacles one is going through, but by just being kind and a simple smile, could make that person day. Be kind!



Happiness is truth

💋Utah Girls Love You ❤ U.G.L.Y.