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We believe in breaking the cycle when it comes to our children but there’s many things the old school ways have on this newer generation of parenting. I respect the fact that, we are evolving and growing as a society but we are losing the three key values: respect, manners, and to give. The values our grand parents, parents, and some of us now maybe, were taught are being stomped into the ground each day and we believe that continue with this trend of self centered, disrespectful and entitled children, we are up a creek without a paddle, for sure!!#

So, this pledge was developed to ensure that our children will be raised with some old and new school values, we fear that these values are being lost in the Generation-X and we want to ensure, we make a difference with our children’s and break this trend, that we have all developed as a society by pleasing our children, lets stop asking the kids what they want and do what they need.
Please don’t get me wrong, we are far from perfect, have many children of our own, we face challenges each and every single day with our kids as I’m sure we all do.
But we have to say that we are struggling each day to stand back and not say something when we consistently observing children disrespecting their parents, teachers or even a random elderly, it’s very sad and makes us very nervous of the direction our children are headed.
So, we hope that you all will take this pledge and start with your children, hoping the break through this trend, that will only cripple our children later in life.
Positive =Positive
Make a difference. .
U.G.L.Y. Utah Girls Love You