U.G.L.Y. ‘s Journey 2015(watch video)

U.G.L.Y. is on a mission to make a difference!!!

We have been busy all year round collecting donations  to distribute into the community free of charge. We are supporting many small businesses here in the Utah Valley. Mentoring single mommies, providing Santa Claus for lower income families, U.G.L.Y.’s Closet, bringing awareness to local acts of kindness, sub for Santa for 9 children, and handed out 60 Bags of Hope to the homeless Christmas morning.

We are donating to fellow foundations, supporting  local Charities, and  offering a Helping Hand to hundreds of Utahns.
We are proud of all of our accompliments and wanted to share a small video of what we have been up to in 2015!!
Special thanks to:

My wonderful husband Eric for dealing with my crazy ass, Kirk Gappmayer and Brandy for spring into action to help get stuff to the courthouse. For Santa, JulieAnne, Elena, Kathy, and Kelley for going the extra miles …always.

For everyone who donated and was involved this year. We love and appreciate you all and can’t wait for next!

Thank you for showing the love throughout our journey!!
Positive = Positive
Make a difference. .
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